Music to make the day go

I was thinking the other day. What music do u listen to during the day. Apparently listening to music in the music sets you up for the day. I always listen to nice relaxing chilled out music. Nothing to heavy or loud as need a bit of calm before the day starts. During the day if listening to music, I like to listen to the up to date hits and most 60s music with a bit of a kick. Evening music usually entails some rap dance music with feeling along with dance and music of meaning.
I would like to hear what sort of music takes your fancy and the reasons why.
I find that listening to certain types of music sets you up for the day or helps to relax you at the end of a stressful day at the office.
Music on headphones is good as it allows you to enter your own little world, cutting out the rest of the world. Just you the music and your own thoughts.

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